Saturday, November 15, 2008

Demolition by Denise

Hello to all of you who have been checking out our blog (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!). Today was our third day of demolition, and I believe it was very productive. First of all, we again hired three day laborers. I am so grateful to these men; there should be a special place in heaven for these guys. But Ryan and I stuck around all day and worked alongside them. I think the only other time I have been this physically exhausted was after a 20 mile run.

We have some pictures to illustrate our day's labor. First, some 'before' pictures:

Downstairs: These holes are from our friend practicing his jump-kicks last week.

These holes are from the aforementioned friend practicing his hammer throwing.

This is the upstairs bathroom prior to demolition.

And this is Ryan, surveying the debris from last weekend's demolition. Notice that he is ankle-deep in martian sand dust. Apparently, those in the building industry call it "insulation." When we took down the ceiling last week, all this fluffy, gray crud fell down; it sneaks into your shoes and your socks, and turns your toes gray. I can't say that I am a fan.

And this is the living room after last week's work. It is a mountain of martian sand.

This is what our bathroom looks like after today's work...if you look closely, you can still sort of see the bathtub.

And this is what our downstairs looks like now...

And one more picture:
This is one of our new friends. I found him in the bathroom right before we tore it down.

That's it for now. We are both exhausted and we need to go to bed. More later.


Jamie said...

aaah, you are a homeowner and a spider owner. i can only relate to one of the two...! :) so is all the demolition complete now?

Colleen said...

wow, looks like some good progress this weekend!

Albert Lee said...

ahh, jump-kicking and hammer-throwing. good times.