Thursday, January 8, 2009


Lots has been happening over at our house over the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, Ryan has been downloading most of the pictures we've taken at work, which makes it difficult for me to post them on the blog. Briefly, here are some of the highlights of what's been going on:

- Our crew of construction guys has been working on putting in additional framing on our roof. This is necessary since we took out the old truss system that had previously been holding the roof up. We have lots of pictures of this, but, as I said, they are at Ryan's work.

- We've had new plumbing installed in the garage in what will eventually be the master bath. We passed inspection on that, so yay us!

And then finally, we cut the hole in the floor where we will be building an interior staircase (currently, the only way to get from upstairs to downstairs requires one to go outside).
So these are some pictures of what will hopefully soon be a staircase:

The red tape is outer boundary of our hole. It took us nearly 3.5 hours to measure out that hole. In the process of measuring, we discovered that our walls are not straight. Very fun.
Ryan, in action, ripping up the sub-floor.

It was a pretty cold, dark night that we did this

Our hole.

This picture was taken looking up from underneath the hole. You can see a little bit of the new lumber holding up the roof.

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Jamie said...

wow! very nice job you guys! one thing :) very important. haha