Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good times...they are a-coming!

We had the best weekend last week! We got floors AND walls! It was so exciting. We hadn't anticipated so much getting done. But just to clarify, when I say walls, I mean the framing that holds up the sheetrock. There are still many many steps before we even get close to sheetrock. So this is what we're working with now...

This is the only wall in the house that will go completely from floor to ceiling (at least on the main level of the house). It is the wall between the upstairs bathroom and one of the bedrooms:

And this is Ryan, constructing the half wall that will act as a guard rail for the stairs and where the kitchen counters will be:

These rooms are the upstairs bathroom and bedroom. The smallish square room toward the right of the picture is where the bathroom will be (it is in the running for world's smallest bathroom). The room toward the back of the house is the bedroom. To the left of the bedroom is where the kitchen will be.

And here is more or less the completed walls. As you can see, with exception of one of the bathroom walls, none of them are full height (meaning they don't go up to the ceiling). Yes, that's right. All the rooms will be open on top. If you were a 12-foot giant, you could walk around and look down into each room (except the bathroom, which will have a lid on it to provide...ahem...acoustical privacy). 

The room toward the right of the bathroom could be like another bedroom (it will have a closet and a window, which technically makes a bedroom). More likely, for us, it will serve as an office. It is not completely enclosed by walls because, in the very very far future, Ryan wants the center wall to made of GLASS.  

So those are just about all the walls that will be in the house. The next steps include putting in blocking (horizontal pieces of wood that go in between the vertical pieces in the wall), which provide some kind of stability to the wall. And then we need to do plumbing and electrical work. And there are a bunch of odds and ends that need to be done...but this was a huge step since it was the first time that we really put in something new in the house. Go us!

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